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April 14 to 21, 2019 - To get to know me more, here is how my week went.


I was a little bit of recluse this week and reverted back to the old wake, work, study, sleep and repeat. However yesterday I spent some quality time with my family for Easter which was great. My mum and I had a real good catch up and she was so excited to show me her makeup storage and how she found a cute way to dry her brushes (pretty smart to be honest). I had a real proud daughter moment 😍


I had the biggest of weeks... I only worked 2 and a half days 🤣 . No seriously this was my working week:

Monday: Uni in the morning - Work in the afternoon

Tuesday: Day off

Wednesday: Worked

Thursday: Worked

Friday: Day off - Good Friday

I don't know about you but the short weeks are sometimes the worst to live through! I do like these public holidays as it makes the office a little quieter so it gives me a chance to catch up on things.




The above won't take a rocket science degree to work out that I didn't have a great week on my diet. I really was not in the right mindset. So I decided to join the Josef Rakich Fitness (JRF) 12 week keto challenge. I've signed up and both my meal and exercise plan were sent to me and will be kicking this of on Tuesday this week! I've seen some ah-mah-zing results on this plan from so many different people, so I am hopeful that this will kick me in the butt and motivate me to stick to it and do well 🤞🏻.


This week I tried out the Flower Beauty Light Illusion foundation and I LOVE it! I wore it for the entire week and each day it went on so well and lasted all day long. Click here to read an Instagram post reviewing this foundation.

I've also kicked off my "let's try to get rid of some milia using glycolic acid" mission. Not sure what milia is? In a nutshell, they are little white bumps that look like pimples. They are under the skin and are formed by keratin that is trapped under your skin. You can't just pop these little buggers like you would a pimple. You should really get them removed by a professional, but in true Jess form who thinks she is a professional after watching numerous YouTube tutorials on removing milia, sadly I have DIY'd it. I would poke at them with a safety pin and squeeze, squeeze, squeeze till they come out, or sometimes didn't come out. By doing this, I have caused some marks or scars. So last week in a You Beauty podcast, I heard that the use of glycolic acid helps to remove these little nuisances. Since then I have been spot treating my milia bumps with the Alpha-H Liquid Gold and I can already see that one has disappeared!!


I was a little down during the week. I think the short work week made me enter sloth mode and not want to do or socialise much. I've also noticed the cooler evenings just make me want to curl up on the couch and watch tv. Not a productive use of time that is for sure! What was extremely rewarding and motivating is seeing the growth of Jess to Impress and the interactions I am having with you all. This, this right here is why I wanted to start this for so long. I am so proud of myself 😁 for finally doing it.

Next Week

So what am I planning for the week ahead? These are my goals that I am setting for the week:

  • Stick to my JRF keto challenge (you got this Jess 💪🏻)

  • Go to the gym three times this week

  • Get my car's exhaust replaced (little Getzy 🚗 is sounding my like a V8 right now)

  • Sort out my little shed and start selling some of my excess items I no longer want or use on Gumtree

I hope your week was a good one. I am curious what you did and what you are aiming to do in the week ahead. Leave your comments below, I would love to know!!

Toodles 💋



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