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April 7 to 13, 2019 - To get to know me more, here is how my week went.


It started off with a baby shower. It was great to catch up with friends and family (well they aren't technically "family", but I've known them f-o-r-e-v-e-r and they feel like family) to celebrate the soon to be arrival of a little blessing in to this world. It was a beautiful shower with amazing food and it wasn't too cliche. While there were some baby related games, there weren't the cheese ball kind that you experience at every shower. The mum-to-be looked so freaking gorgeous. Out of respect for the people at this shower, I didn't want to post any photos of them, so instead here is a pic of the amazing cake 😋 (no I didn't eat any in case you were wondering):

Picture of baby shower cake
The amazing baby shower cake


Good old Monday morning rolled round, the start to the working week. I work full time in a corporate environment as the Coordinator Business Systems 👩🏻‍💻 (the IT Support and Business Systems functions). So I don't bore you on the minor details, my days usually consists of:

  • Starting work at 7:30am

  • Usually have a minimum of two to three meetings a day

  • Spend countless hours staring at two PC screens (hence why I'm a fan of blue light blocking glasses)

  • Playing detective with team mates by trying to troubleshoot something in the land of IT - sometimes turning it off and then back on actually works 😆

  • Finishing work at 5-ish (lets face it, it is always past that and this is a bad habit Jess that you need to stop)

What was a little different this week was me holding interviews for a position within the team. I actually like being an interviewer, it gives me a chance to see how other people are in their own interviews, how they react, answer questions or portray themselves in 30-40 minutes in front of people they don't know vying to get something they desire. I use these situations to learn from. If someone used a great line when answering a particular question, I pop it in my little mental notebook for future use. I also take note of how people have presented themselves, what I thought they did or didn't do well and use this for my own future experiences. Did they make eye contact, where they answering the question, did they show their personality, did they do their research prior to being interviewed etc. My one piece of advice for any prospective interviewee out there.... do your research. Take 15 minutes or so to google the company. Find out what their mission statement or their objectives are. Try to find out what their organisational structure is, what incentives they offer... something, hell anything that shows that you've taken the time to look into them. Then use this information in your answers during your interview or even use this to base some questions you could ask them at the very end when you're always asked "Do you have any questions for us?"


I stuck to my diet well this week. You would have probably already seen that I am back on a ketogenic diet (or "lifestyle" if you want to play semantics) and this was my full second week. I am nearly finished a blog post about the decision to go keto, but am just umming and ahhhing as to whether or not I should include some photos. While I know it will make me more accountable, I am conscious that once something is on the internet... it is there for life. I like everyone else in the world, am self-conscious. I think I will wait till I hit another goal of mine and then post pictures... either way, stay tuned! My keto culinary triumph this week was making keto nachos. It was what you would imagine; mince, sour cream, cheese, jalapenos, avocado and chips made from parmesan cheese 🤤 it was soooo good.


You may have caught my IG stories earlier this week about the Priceline 1/2 haircare sale. I couldn't resist myself and bought some items. If your'e curious as to what I bought, check out my highlights on Instagram as the haul is on there. Love me a good sale at Priceline!


Mentally I think this week was an "ok" week. I didn't really have any low points, just a steady ok mood. I think this was down to having a few things to look forward to over the week that was out of the norm and not just sleep, work and repeat. It is amazing how when you look back on a day or a week and how you were feeling, you can start to see areas of happiness correlated with events or occasions. *Jess Mental Note* make more of an effort to schedule in things that I look forward to every week. This week I have scheduled a day off work so that I can have a recharge or a "me" day.

Next Week

So what am I planning for the week ahead? These are my goals that I am setting for the week:

  • Finish and submit uni assignment

  • Schedule in a catch up with one of my girlfriends who has just had a baby

  • Prepare for Easter (i.e. I like to bake goodies instead of give eggs for people)

  • Continue to drink 2-3 litres of water

  • Plan each day the night before

I hope your week was a good one. I am curious what you did and what you are aiming to do in the week ahead. Leave your comments below, I would love to know!!

Toodles 💋



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