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Am I the only one who is so excited that July starts on a Monday? It is also the start of a new financial year in Australia so it is essentially like 1 January all over again! 😄

I am going to be using this "new start feeling" to get me working towards some of the goals I've set myself way back at the beginning of this year that I haven't really commenced or made any serious dents in. So to make me more accountable, I thought I would share a post about the goals I am setting myself for the month of July!

💧 Drink More Water - Approx. 3L

I usually without fail get 1-1.5 litres in but I feel better and see differences in my skin when I drink around 2.5-3 litres a day. With it being cold as well, I am not feeling the need to re-hydrate as much so I think this is why I am not also hitting my mark. Because I am not consistent with this, my goal is to be regular about my water intake.

⌚ Two Minute Rule

If you've read any productivity books or listed to any productivity podcasts, chances are you would have heard about the two minute rule. Essentially if you can do something in two minutes, just do it (Nike please don't get me on trademark 🙊). Don't over think it or procrastinate... just get it done. I am going to try to implement this in both my work and personal life to see if this helps with me feeling sometimes overwhelmed and not knowing where to start or what to do as there are too many things in front of me.

💪🏼 Actually go to the Gym

Yep, I have an active gym membership and haven't been ages. I don't need to be a crazy person and go every day, just a few times a week is all I am going to strive towards. Once I have then mastered a few times a week, I will try to bump it up to more sessions. But at this stage, I simply need to JUST BLOODY GO!!

👩‍💻 Consistency on Jess to Impress

One of my biggest goals that I have myself for 2019 was to launch Jess to Impress which I've since done and am super proud 😊. I am great with posting to Instagram but am lacking in the actual blog itself and with other social media (eg Facebook and Twitter). So, I am going to give myself a goal this month to be consistent on the blog. I will tackle the other forms of social media afterwards, just focus on one thing Jess! So keep your eyes posted on some regular blog posts.

Do you give yourself monthly goals? What are you aiming to do in the month of July? I would love to know so let me know in the comments below.

Toodles 💋

Jess xx


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