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Lousy Smarch weather! If that doesn't make sense to you, clearly you're not a Simpsons fan (refer below my friend).

While I have zero scientific evidence to back this up, I swear Perth's weather is moving towards a more tropical climate aka 30+ degrees and about 528% humidity even though we are now in Autumn. Because of this, I kept with what I liked and knew would work under the weather pressures so some of these favourites aren't brand new to me. So without further a due, here are my top nine things for the month of Smarch:

Timeless Skin Care 20% Vitamin C + Ferulic Acid + Vitamin E

Chances are if you were to ask a skincare lover to recommend you a good vitamin C serum, they would tell you to use SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic Serum. For 30ml you’ll have to splurge $218 but from the reviews (4.5 ⭐ from 443 reviews on Adore Beauty) it looks like it is amazing. Because I am always after a steal, I thought I would try out the Timeless Skincare Vitamin C + Ferulic Acid + Vitamin E serum instead. I first saw this serum as one of the vitamin C serums that Hot and Flashy raved about on YouTube. I’ve been using this every second day (in the AM) since December and have definitely noticed a difference in my overall skin tone. It does have that weird metallic, meat/hotdog 🌭 water smell like many other vitamin C serums, but I just deal with it. I mean beauty is pain (or smell in some instances). Sadly to get your hands on this in Australia isn't easy but I was finally able to get my hands on it from Cosmetics Now for $36.95 (ex. shipping).

Maybelline Lifter Gloss

When this lip gloss first came out in the US, the reviews and the overall aesthetically pleasing packaging made me want to get my hot little hands on it once it arrived in Australia. The hype about this gloss being an amazing, non-sticky, shiny and comfortable gloss is 💯%. People say it is a dupe for the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb which I can see. I’ve got this gloss in Pearl, Moon (which is my fave of all the shades and shown above), Reef and Silk. They are all the nude-y, natural, pink shades. I picked up all of mine from Priceline for $18.95 but if you’re willing to wait for a sale, just wait till then!

Ultra Violette Lean Screen Mineral Matifying Skinscreen SPF 50+

Each and every day regardless of the weather or if I am staying indoors, I ALWAYS wear SPF. However, with combo skin, some sunscreens can really make me be a grease ball soon after application. When I saw that there was a mattifying mineral SPF from Ultra Violette I was excited to try it out. Excited like a giddy school girl seeing her crush playing with pogs across the schoolyard. (NOTE: Whatever happened to pogs or tazos?). I grabbed mine from Sephora for $45. Sure, it’s expensive for sunscreen but it is very nice. It sits well under my makeup and doesn’t pill as some other matte sunscreens do on me. I wouldn’t say it is the mattest of matte sunscreens but it does last a fair while before being shine city on my forehead. I also love the applicator pump, it makes it fun to use each day rather than a boring grocery store-bought tube.

L'Occitane Almond Delicious Soap

Leading up to Christmas I bought a cute little L’Occitane almond gift pack that contained a small hand cream and two of these soaps. How did I not know about this soap before??? It not only smells delicious and is also super moisturising, but it also has these… like rough bits inside of it that exfoliates you while you use the bar on your skin. I use a shower gel to actually “wash” myself but to shave, I like to use a bar of soap 🧼. Anyhoo an individual bar is $9 a pop from L’Occitane but I reckon during holiday times (e.g. Christmas, Mother’s Day etc.) you’ll likely pick up some great gift packs that may be of better value.

Chanel Ultrawear Liquid Lip Colour

When I went to the US around 6-ish years ago, a friend from work asked me to pick up a Chanel Ultrawear Liquid lipstick for her. Makeup is so much cheaper over in the US, but they didn’t really have this lip product in Australia at the time. So when I picked up one for her, I treated myself to one also. More recently, I picked up a new shade and I’ve been wearing it on the regular. My preferred shade is # 69 (😉) Tender Beige. It is a great nude that isn’t too warm, isn’t too cool but also isn’t too nude. It is a great everyday colour and I can just slightly overline my lips without it being too obvious. The staying power is pretty decent too and the formula doesn’t leave your lips feeling like the Sahara desert. I tend to pick up my Chanel products from Myer (gotta earn those Myer One points) and this will set you back $58.

No More Sweat Face & Scalp Antiperspirant

No matter the weather, I am always a hot person 🥵. Throw in an ounce of movement and I am a sweaty beast. I’ve always been a sweat monster even as a kid. While there is nothing wrong with sweating, I am always conscious of it. Especially when I am near people. I fear that they are thinking I am sweating as I am nervous, but I am not. Little do they know I’ve just had to either walk fast to a meeting, walked up some stairs or even walked from being cold outside to a warm room or vice versa. I figure my body just takes some to “acclimatise” to the conditions in the room. As the weather has been super muggy and humid most of the summer, I whipped out this guy and have been using it once a week. It is literally a super-strength roll-on deodorant but for your face. You apply it at night on clean skin and let it “soak in” for like 1-2 hours. During that time your face has this weird tingling feeling and then hey presto for the next four or so days you hardly sweat in those locations. I focus this on my upper lip and forehead. I picked up this from Chemist Warehouse for $13.69.

JESS’ NOTE: Yes, I realise this product has aluminium. I also use clinical strength deodorant too. While I respect your choice in not using aluminium deodorants, please respect my choice to use them. Please don’t sweat the small stuff (get it) and refrain from sassy comments on how it is bad for me. My body, my rules.

Health & Beauty Tongue Cleaner

I would have never in my wildest of dreams ever thought I would talk about a bloody tongue 👅 scraper but yet here we are. I have no clue what possessed me to buy a pack of two from Chemist Warehouse for $2.99, but I did. Now before I continue, I must preface that I always scrub-a-dub-dub my tongue when I brush my teeth with my toothbrush. So when I went to go use this contraption for the first time, I was MORTIFIED to see what came off my tongue… ughhhh 🤢 **shudders**. Thankfully since using it morning and night for some time now the gross whatever it is that comes off isn’t as horrific as the first few times. I also notice that my mouth feels so much cleaner. If you aren’t on the tongue scraper band-wagon, I strongly urge you to get on board.

Gucci Bloom Profumo Di Fiori EDP

The smell of jasmine makes me smile and feel happy. I can’t explain why, but it does. That’s why I am loving this perfume at the moment. It is such a floral, summer-y scent. Also, the colour of the bottle drew me in. I am crap at describing scents so here is what Gucci has used to describe it “Profumo di Fiori unleashes the addictive magnetism of Tuberose Essence, blended with Jasmine Sambac Closed Buds and Jasmine Sambac Absolute. The scent is enriched by Ylang Ylang's intense floral warmth and sweetness, extended by rich notes of Sandalwood and Sun-Drenched Woody notes.” I grabbed mine from Myer (again for the points) as a Christmas present to me from me for $155 for the 50ml bottle.

Palmolive Hand Sanitiser

A staple over the last year and a product on repeat for me every month is this Palmolive hand sanitiser. I am sure you’re all like me and you have one in the car, in your handbag, in your desk drawer at work and about seven at home. I struggle with dry hands pre-COVID but it’s even worse now that I am properly washing my hands and using hand sani (sanitiser for short) on a regular basis. I’ve tried many but my preferred choice is this one. It not only looks pretty, but it also smells AMAZING and it doesn’t leave my hands super dry. I have this big pump version at my desk at work and carry the small travel-sized bottles in various locations. You can pick this up from more or less anywhere nowadays but I usually get this pump pack version from Coles when doing my food shopping and it sets me back around $7.50 for 200ml.

So that is it, my top nine favourites for March. Was there anything in my favourites that you enjoy also or have never seen before? What did you love using in March? Leave your comments below as I would love to hear what you were digging too!

Toodles 💋


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