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If you don't know, I am a normal to combination girl so anything that helps with keeping those oils at bay is something I usually lean towards. Oh and I'm also Miss Sweaty McSweat-Sweat 🥵, even in sub zero temperatures. So last week when I was on my weekly trek to Priceline, I spotted this new Essence Cosmetics You Better Work Gym-Proof Primer for $7!

I decided to buy this and give it a whirl, not because I wear makeup at the gym (or even go to the gym 🙈 period of late) but because of the sweat-proof claim with the added bonus of it being an SPF 20.

What does it claim to do?

On the back of the tube it states:

"This face primer works while you are working out: The light-weight and sweat-proof formula allows you to sweat in style. The texture balances redness and blurs imperfections optically. For a natural and beautiful look. Use alone or under makeup. With SPF 20."

What is it like?

So after washing my face then applying my toner, serum, moisturiser and SPF (I know it is an entire process), I then used this primer. First thing I noticed was that the light blue/mint colour. I thought it was strange but realised upon application that this helps to combat some of the redness I had on my face. While I could still see the redness, the primer had subsided it somewhat.

The consistency is a light-weight cream, so sort of a runnier toothpaste is how I would describe it. It applies so nicely on my skin and leaves a semi-matte finish. In relation to the instant blur effect, TBH I didn't notice this much.

There is also a slight fragrance with this product but it isn't too strong or offensive. It reminds me of a lightly scented sunscreen. Once it is applied on the face, I didn't notice it after a minute or so.

Image of You Better Work primer on back of hand
Close up of You Better Work primer

How did it go?

I've worn this primer now for six consecutive days and every day have not had any issues or complaints with how my face has held up. It also hasn't caused any immediate irritations or congestion that I can see. Keep in mind it has only been six days, but so far so good 👍🏻

I've worn this primer underneath the following foundations:

  • Dior Skin Forever Fluid Foundation

  • IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ SPF50

  • NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation

I usually apply my makeup at 6-6.30am and have it on till around 9pm so it really needs to last. At the beginning of my day, my face looked great (if I say so myself) and all my products layered well on top of the primer.

At around lunch time, I would notice that I would be a little glowy, but not as oily as I would usually be. On a regular day, I use blotting sheets after lunch to get rid of the shine that is going on, mainly to not blind my workmates with the reflection from my forehead 😂 This week however, I noticed that I didn't have to do the usual blot after lunch.

By the time I would go home, I checked my face each day and saw that my makeup held up really well. I didn't notice any separation of my foundation and while I was shiny, it wasn't offensive and I wasn't mad about it. I think if I just blotted at this point (usually 5pm) I would be set for another few hours.

Please keep in mind it is winter here so I am not really able to test the full extent of this primers sweat proof-ness, however I did notice my foundation lasted a little longer on my top lip (my first place to sweat). My foundation never lasts long in this area, so there was a little more longevity noticed but by the end of the day my foundation had worn off in this spot. As mentioned above, I don't wear makeup to the gym as I like to be able to sweat properly... I think of it as a bit of a clean out of my pores 🙂

Will I continue to use it?

The answer is absolutely! I have honestly seen a difference in the overall reduction in shine on my face and it has so far worked well for me. As mentioned previously it has only been for six days so do remember that this is limited experience, but so far I am totes digging it. I reckon if you are a normal to combination skin girl like I am, you will definitely enjoy this primer especially as it is only $7 bucks too #savey .

Have you tried this primer? What primer are you digging lately? I would love to know, so mention it below in the comments.


Jess xx 💋


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